Avani+ Huahin Resort

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Avani+ Huahin Resort

3,600 Baht ~

   ビーチからの距離: ビーチフロント
   エリア:  チャアム


Escape the hustle and relax in the sun among the Avani Huahin Resort and Villas.

Boasting a beautiful beachfront location, Surrounded with lush vegetation, the resort is decorated in bright color with artistic tiles, marble and wooden floor. Free WiFi access is available throughout the property.

Whether staying in a villa or a hotel room, guests are offered a full range of on-site facilities, including of fitness center, premium spa, bar and restaurants.
Guests staying in a villa will find a private plunge pool perfectly designed for relaxation and recreation with a beautiful view of the sea.

Friendly staff are 24-hour standby to assist all guests with their special needs.
Early bird and Long stay Benefit are available!!
2019年4月16日 ~ 10月31日
*For all booking before 30 September
お部屋タイプ 曜日 シングル/ツイン エキストラベッド 朝食
Avani Deluxe Room 日~土
3600 1500
Avani Deluxe Jacuzzi 日~土
3900 1500
Avai Deluxe Pool Access 日~土
4700 1500
Avani garden View Suite 日~土
5700 1500
Avani Pool Access Suite 日~土
7600 1500
Avani Pool Villa 日~土
8620 2000
Avani Lagoon Villa 日~土
9520 2000
Avani Two Bedroom Pool Villa 日~土
13000 2000
Avani Two Bedroom Seaview Pool Villa 日~土
16000 2000
2019年7月1日 ~ 10月31日
(minimum 2 nights stay)
*Cannot Combine with other promotion
お部屋タイプ 曜日 シングル/ツイン エキストラベッド 朝食
Avani pool Villa 日~土
7350 2000
Avani Lagoon Pool Villa 日~土
8100 2000
Avani Two Bedroom Lagoon Pool Villa 日~土
11100 2000
Avani Two Bedroom Sea view Pool Villa 日~土
13500 2000
2019年4月16日 ~ 10月31日
**Early bird Bonus 10-20% for all booking at least 30-90 days before arrival date
**Apply for Avani deluxe,Avani Deluxe Jacuzzi,Avani Deluxe Pool Access
**Long stay Benefit: Stay minimum 7 night get 30% discount (Cannot combine with Early Bird promotion)
**Apply for Avani Pool Villa,Avani Lagoon Villa,Avani Two bedroom Pool Villa and Avani Two Bedroom Sea view villa
お部屋タイプ 曜日 シングル/ツイン エキストラベッド 朝食
AVANI Deluxe 日~土
4600 NA
AVANI Deluxe Jacuzzi 日~土
4900 1600
AVANI Deluxe Pool Access 日~土
6050 NA
AVANI Garden View Suite 日~土
7300 1600
AVANI Pool Access Suite 日~土
9700 1600
AVANI Pool VIlla 日~土
14700 2100
AVANI Lagoon Pool Villa 日~土
16200 2100
AVANI Two Bedroom Lagoon Pool Villa 日~土
22600 2100
AVANI Two Bedroom Sea View Villa 日~土
27600 2100


   WiFi Yes (Free)

   Check In:14:00
   Check Out:12:00


AVANI Deluxe
AVANI Deluxe Jacuzzi
AVANI Deluxe Pool Access
AVANI Garden View Suite
AVANI Pool Access Suite
AVANI Pool Villa
AVANI Lagoon Pool Villa
AVANI Two Bedroom Lagoon Pool Villa
    Outdoor rain shower
    Living and dining room with pantry
AVANI TWO Bedroom Sea View Villa
    Outdoor rain shower
    Living and dining room with pantry


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